In partnership with Suncorp Bank, we're helping small businesses to startup by solving the problems of small businesses.

It's simple really, through our work at CCIQ we know what is keeping business owners awake at night and along with Suncorp we call for BankBusiness stack pos CMYKCsmart people out there to solve those problems. Because by solving the problems of small businesses you can build a business and also help drive the Queensland economy through helping established businesses to be more productive and profitable. 

And it the ideas we receive to solve #SmallBusinessChallenges are really awesome then they sky is the limit. Not only will we give you access to resources from CCIQ, Suncorp and Microsoft we will also get you working with leading global accelerator, BlueChilli, to get your idea from the drawing board to minimum viable proposition. Oh and we'll event provide you with a free home at Collaborate, possibly invest in you and take you to market.

#SmallBusinessChallenges So Far

Through Collaborate we have helped 115 businesses via our #SmallBusinessChallenges campaign. 

#SmallBusinessChallenges – Small business challenges is a campaign where we asked the creative thinkers and entrepreneurs of Australia to solve the problems of small business.

  • We received 115 applications.
  • 100 businesses received start-up validation via BlueChilli’s online programs.
  • 50 have been offered free space at Collaborate.
  • 20 went through an intensive 2 week boot camp before pitching for up to $100k in investment in their business.
  • 5 businesses have received investment, 1 has received a donation and will work with CCIQ on future developments.
#SmallBusinessChallenges The Next Intake

Coming soon, details about the next intake and how you can get your start-up fast-tracked to success.