Our Founders

Meet our founders, the businesses who CCIQ, BlueChilli, and Microsoft have helped start-up thanks to Suncorp Bank #SmallBusinessChallenges

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We are Sarah and Dave, the founders of FolkTale, a guided storytelling platform that helps users easily create video content that cuts through clutter and connects. We’re enabling brands and content creators to build more meaningful connection through video storytelling - equating to greater engagement, lead generation and ROI. We’re an early tech startup going to market in the next 6-12 months and need a technical partner to join us on a journey towards democratising the science of storytelling. We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions via email at connect@foktale.io 

FolkTale's own story centres around the unlikely journeys of Sarah and Dave,a behavioural psychologist turned international aid worker and a filmmaker turned marketer. Together they are the head and the heart of Brisbane-based storytelling studio TheStoryBoxes who have a client list ranging global brands to local not-for-profits. Sarah and Dave are BSP CCIQ CollaborateEvent 23rdFeb2016 005passionate about democratising the science of storytelling and helping the voice of small business and content creators be heard.    

In a very short period of time we have been been given access to some of the great minds of Australia's start-up space which has translated into invaluable guidance and mentorship. 

Connect With Us

Email -connect@foktale.io

Web - http://folktale.io 

Facebook - www.facebook.com/folktaleapp

Instagram - www.instagram.com/folktaleapp

Twitter - twitter.com/thefolktaleapp

Quick Safety

What we do 

It's hard to believe, but electricians around Australia still have to fill out paper-based electrical safety certificates each time they complete a job.  

This is frustrating for the electrician, a huge admin overhead for the business, and exposes both the electrician and the business to regulatory risk due to incomplete and lost certificates, or failure to store certificates for the required 5 year period.

Quick Safety solves this problem, enabling electricians to complete safety certificates quickly and easily on their mobile device, securely storing the completed certificates for access by the electrician, the company, and regulatory bodies for 5 years.

Meet the Founder

Originally born in Wyoming, USA on a cattle ranch and having spent 6 years on a Nuclear US Navy Submarine has given Kurt a solutions mindset to just about anything. He then moved to Australia in 1988. Kurt has always found himself in senior management roles in local and international companies and in 1993 he started his first company from scratch. He has owned and operated 2 companies since then and has a head full of ideas, one is the Quick Safety App for Electricians. BSP CCIQ CollaborateEvent 23rdFeb2016 074

The Journey

Having worked in the electrical industry since 2000, and then consulting back to the industry in 2009, it was dealing with clients frustrations that Kurt saw an opportunity to make a difference and alleviate the pain the sparkies were feeling on the ground.

In Feb 2016 an opportunity came up to pitch for the Collaborate Small Business Solutions Competition and he took it with both hands! He was selected as a finalist, then went on to win the competition, which was sponsored by BlueChilli, CCIQ, Suncorp & Microsoft.

Quick Safety now has direct access to a wonderful team of business mentors, processes, office space in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and a crack Dev Team that are currently working on the app!

The Present & Future

Quick Safety has selected the initial Beta Testers and release of the Beta version is anticipated for 1 Sept 2016.

Seed funding will take place in late Oct or Early Nov.


We are TrusTill.  We are a payment processing app for the Australian professional services industry.  Our app secures payments and cash flow for solicitors and accountants without the need for a trust account or the red tape that goes with it – in a legally compliant way of course!  We are in our early start-up phase, developing the app to ensure it meets the needs of Australian professional advisors.  We hope to go to market within six months and start securing cash flow for our customers. BSP CCIQ CollaborateEvent 23rdFeb2016 084

Collaborate is motivating.  Our vision is being tested, tortured and put back together in a better package.  TrusTill is being validated and our target industry surveyed.  The product has to be right for the market and Collaborate is demanding (in a good way) that the “fit” is there.  Everything you can hope for as an early start-up and entrepreneur.  

Meet the Team

Megan is a legal entrepreneur, having founded one of Australia’s first wholly online law firms.  Her law firm is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the legal landscape. 

Megan is dedicated to innovation and has brought that dedication into her legal career.

It is through starting her own business, and trying to work with the red tape around payment processing in the legal industry that Megan discovered a gap in the market for a payment processing system dedicated to the services industry.  

James is a litigation lawyer and soon to be self-employed barrister. 

James is focused on achieving great legal results for his customers and is now extending that focus to improving the businesses of other lawyers and professionals with technology.

With a second degree in chemistry and mathematics, James brings an analytical view to the TrusTill team.  

Connect With Us

Web - www.trustill.com.au

Email - connect@trustill.com.au

Twitter - @TrusTill_Aus  

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TrusTillau


If you're stuck staring at a blank screen, Writally helps you break through writer's block, so you can create original, compelling blog content in half the time.

Writally blog post recipes are step-by-step frameworks customised to your topics. Our innovative recipes take the guesswork and time-wasting out of the writing process, so you can get your best content done quickly, easily and inexpensively. 

You still write your content. Writally simply provides a unique structure for every post.

Meet our Founder

Author, content strategist and entrepreneur Cas McCullough has a simple goal. She wants to put an end to expensive, boring, time-consuming business content. BSP CCIQ CollaborateEvent 23rdFeb2016 003

In late 2014 Cas dreamed up Writally after asking the question: “What if there was a tool that helped businesses create quality content on a consistent basis without having to hire a copywriter for every blog post?”

She sat on her idea for months, fearing that it was, well, a silly idea, but every time someone asked her for a copywriting quote, the question surfaced again.

Finally, one Saturday morning, Cas made the impulsive decision to leap out of bed at 6am and drive into the city for a 7.30am startup pitching competition. She had never entered a pitch competition before and was surprised to be selected as a finalist in the Little Tokyo 2 SOOOB Pitch event. In April 2015 Cas won third place in the competition as well as support from mentors who saw the potential in her product.

In September that year, frustrated at the fact she couldn’t code and didn’t even know any coders, Cas was pulling out weeds in her front yard when she suddenly had the brain wave to start Writally as a productised service.

It was this step that changed everything.

Cas entered the Collaborate small business solutions competition at the midnight hour and was selected as a finalist. She went on to win the competition, sponsored byBluechilli, CCIQ, Suncorp and Microsoft.

Writally attracted $50K seed funding from Bluechilli and CCIQ and another $25K from a private investor. Cas was also able to join Bluechilli as a portfolio partner and is currently developing her manual service into a tech solution.

Connect WIth Us

Web - http://writally.com/

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/groups/writally

Twitter - https://twitter.com/writally

The Yulngu App

The Yulgnu App is the brainchild of Glenn Bird, a leading expert on Indigenous Art who has a vision to empower artists to be able to sell their are through the smart use of technology. 

BSP CCIQ CollaborateEvent 23rdFeb2016 044My idea is to introduce small business practices to Aboriginal artists in remote communities, who rely on their art to supplement their incomes, and can become full-time business owners,” Mr Bird said, after his initial 20-minute pitch to the judges.

“I have been involved in this industry for a long time and thought I was good with process. But I have learned something new from these young fellas, which I believe will help me develop further as an entrepreneur and innovator,” Mr Bird said.He described the #SmallBusinessChallenges program and Collaborate hub as “fantastic” and “very motivating” working closely with like-minded people and fellow start-ups. 

Yulngu is the word meaning ABORIGINE. Yulngu comes from the Gumatj Language, in the North East Arnhem Land of the Northern Territory, in Australia. 

The Yulngu Fine Art Gallery invites customers to connect with the oldest continuous living culture on earth. We provide for you, a holistic cultural experience, with products and services that will give you greater understanding of stories and customs depicted, in a wide range of paintings and artefacts for sale in our Gallery.

Mr Bird and his Yiungu App also received a significant donation from CCIQ, BlueChilli and Suncorp Bank as part of #SmallBusinessChallenges to help continue his work with Aboriginal artists.