In a unique approach to helping businesses to start-up, accelerate and innovate, the state’s leading business group, a global start-up incubator, a social enterprise accelerator and the state’s leading educator have partnered to create Collaborate, a unique accelerator challenging entrepreneurs and creative thinkers to solve the problems of small business. CCIQ Collaborate Create Connect Inspire rgb1Border

Located on the fringe of the CBD in Spring Hill and close to transport, Collaborate offers 60 desks plus office space, meeting facilities and event spaces to residents along with access to parking, Wi-Fi, secure entry, staffed reception and concierge, onsite 3D print facility, webinar studio and all the services they need to get their business up and running.

With access to programs, events, mentors and networks, Collaborate is a unique offering unlike anything else in the market as we focus on meeting the needs of the wider business community by building businesses with a focus on developing products and services for the B2B market.

Being part of CCIQ, Collaborate also has a regional focus, through CCIQ’s network of members, local chambers, partners and stakeholders from throughout Queensland. We are based in Brisbane but we cover the whole state.